I’ve seen first hand how well Marc’s skill, his perfect ear and his personality work with clients to bring out their best in the studio. I also know, as a rock radio DJ, how excellent the final product can be at Rock Garden...the songs get on the radio because they sound as good and often better than anything we get from major labels.
— Len Nelson, 105.7 WAPL

I am always wowed by Marc Golde and his Rock Garden Studio. He has created some amazing music for my advertising agency over the years.

Marc is very, very, very talented – always dependable. He’s easy going, but not a slacker.
He cares a great deal about the quality of his work and would never ever settle for cruddy doodly-poo. He creates big market sounds on small market budgets and is always ecstatic to do the work - any form of music – rock, rap, hip-hop, jazz, disco, folk, boogie-woogie, bubblegum, country, blue-eyed soul and tear-jerking ballads.

Marc doesn’t get hagged-out over tight deadlines. He’s zippy and efficient. He’s not some vacant–brained lunchsack either. He’s a musical genius but not arrogant about his knowledge and gift. He has plenty to boast about but never a crap-shoveling yakkety-yakking gasbag. He’s a great listener with a fantastic ear for sound.

I am thrilled to work with him on every project and always happy with the results.
— Kip Karstedt, President, Burton Karstedt Advertising/Marketing, Lindenhurst, IL

I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on our radio ads – the music combined with a great message and incredible production – makes them so memorable. I’ve had different groups of folks tell me they actually sing along with our ads (Green Checking and Hot Rod Lending!) They love the cleverness of combining the message with the music. I highly recommend Marc. He helps us put the ‘different’ in differentiate – and makes our ads stand out!!
— Catherine J. Tierney, President/CEO of Community First Credit Union

Rock Garden Studio is a hidden treasure in the Fox Valley. We have used them several times and it’s a matter of when (not if) we will use them again. Marc is a creative, gifted professional and the work he delivered greatly exceeded the expectations of our entire team and was done on time and on budget. Highly recommend Marc and Rock Garden Studio for all your recording needs. You won’t be disappointed.

— Kevin Brown, Kimberly-Clark, Neenah, WI

Recording Artists

The Traveling Suitcase

Kyle Megna and The Monsoons

Zen Franklin

The Newtonburg Brass Band

Randi Fay

Sarah Zacek
Chris Aaron
Danen Kane
Rob Anthony
Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons
Verona Grove 
Rosanna Fioraso 
The Cool Waters Band
Fahrenheit 420
Happy Schnapps Combo
Darryl St. John
Saturday Morning
Boogie and the Yoyos
Vic Ferrari
Steve March Torme
Tate Rooper
Helen Exner
The Bakers
The Joetones
Little Jimmy Sizemore
The Queue
Amanda Leigh
Levi Douma
Mark Little
Honky Tonk Twisters
Susan Howe
Vulgar Pang
Andy’s Automatics
The Electric Bananas
The Weavils 
Sunday Flood
Road Trip
Naughty Monkey
Straight Up Bluegrass Band
Rebecca Markvort
The Experiment
The Syndicate
Infinity Theory
Ron Kalista
Grand Union
Musical Brass
Social Fallout
Casey Jones
The Dowgs
Paris Drake
Chris Dunn
Emcee Spryt
Engen Driver
Bobby Evans
Father Mac
Fox Valleyaires
Grupo Xtremo 
Hardy Mums
Craig Hawkinson 
Ion Drive
Johnny Wad 
Richard King
Laura Klinkert
Don Kloetzke
Left at Atlantic 
Like Fine Wine
Mad Hatter
Mr. Vargas
Mojo Band
Viseth Moua
The Mulligans
John Mulvey
Number one Fan
One Achord
One Way Ticket
Rubber Clan
Russ Reiser
Ripp Winkler 
Neal Schendel


Silent Point
Simple Machine
Slick Willy and The Calzones
Sonic Circus
Something Phonic
Sour Belly
Dave Steffen
Still Life
The Stringbenders
Jay Stulo
Paul Suckerman
Tom Thiel
Greg Waters
Rich Zoran
Sly Joe and The Smooth Operators
Scott Anderson
West Coast Sleeping
Tammy Borden
Blame Vain Glory
Seth Boyte
Chris Driesbach
Susan Ann
Fallen Chains
Honky Tonk Twisters
Insomniac Gypsy
Jamie Fletcher
Kurt Gunn
Common Place
Danny Lee
Jeanne Loehnis
The Mark Jirakovek Band
Jennifer Lynn
Kathleen Mueske
Newtonburg Brass Band
OK Dance Band
5 Man
8 Spokes
Teresa Bjorkman
Citizen P

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